JBL Spending Planners, led by Josh Blakeley, exists to empower couples to get in control of their finances through our Money Coaching progam.

The JBL Spending Planner philosophy is simple




When you’re EDUCATED about money, IMPLEMENT effective management, and are SUPPORTED to reach your goals,
you will have what you need to get on top of your finances and be free to focus on the things that matter to you most. Our
program is designed to help you with those three elements, using a proven process to make the most of your money.

Here are JBL Spending Planners, our missions is to get you in control of your Financial Future.

Our guide 6 Steps to Making the Most of Your Hard-Earned $$$ is a clear and practical outline of how to start getting in control your money situation.

Get clarity, vision and purpose for your finances. Book a time where we’ll go over actionable steps so that you can start making immediate progress.

Stay updated on our interactive online “money” training events with Josh Blakeley: get “Money Clarity” and strategy to move you ahead with your finances.

Our flagship service designed to empower you and your partner to get in control of your money, take charge of your Financial Future and start making your money work for you.

We were in a bit of trouble in the way of not being able to see our finances much further into the future other than week by week. We really didn’t want to be spending more money on a spending planner that wasn't going to actually help us. However, Josh was really great! He was always ready and willing to answer any questions and support our goals and we have seen the results! We've actually been able to plan a holiday to Europe for 4 weeks completely paid off!

Joel & Amy Keats Brisbane, Australia

I have always been obsessively conscious of my financial state but have lacked a means to effectively track it to the last dollar. What really frustrated me was getting to the next pay cycle and wondering where my money went. I sought out a means to know my financial position to its fullest and was introduced to Josh from JBL Spending Planners.

I am now able to independently plan my future and master my money through debt minimisation, healthy spending habits, robust savings plans and investment compounding. An essential tool in growing my wealth.

Justin Jolly Brisbane, Australia

JBL Spending Planners has provided me with a turn key solution to organise my finances. By following their simple system I can pay my bills on time, budget for future expenses or holidays, set money aside for emergencies and have a savings goal to work for. Good people, great system.

Toby Gitsham Sydney, Australia

Talking with Josh was a very positive experience. He was clear and asks the right questions to help you find the solution to your situation. Highly recommended.

Caleb Dominguez San Diego, USA

Met with Josh, We went over a very delicate subject which was finances. He was very professional and I’m extremely pleased with the experience. When it comes to a sensitive subject I think it’s important to look at is the person credible and trustworthy. Well that’s how he was showing up to me, I didn’t feel reprimanded he gave me soundful advice and brought a lot of clarity on what I should do next. After working with him I felt clarity, I felt organized and excited for my future. I highly recommend him!

Alexia Rodriguez San Diego, Australia

I recommend working with Josh because he is very professional, knowledgeable and genuine. He was able to help me gain clarity on my finances. He also provided budgeting tools and other useful resources that assisted me on gaining insight to organize my finances tailored to my needs. Josh was also instrumental on helping me set savings goals to work toward.

Nyla Brock San Diego, USA

I have been struggling with managing my budget for a while now. After trying a few different options, I met Josh and signed up with his program. The process that he runs through and the access to tools made a huge difference for me in visibility of my 'Real' financial position. This would be the biggest differentiator for me. Within 6 months, I had squared off massive chunks of debt by prioritising them. I now have a strict budget which is easy to follow and adhere to.

Jason Durrant Brisbane, Australia