Master Your Money

11 Modules 25 Lessons None

The Master Your Money Program is broken into 2 sections:

1. Master Your Money Program - a step-by-step process for you to follow which includes Accountability Check-ins  at the end of each step to complete once you've worked through each step.

2. Financial Control Model Resources  - these include support resources to the  Master Your Money Program , some you will access as you work through the steps and some you can go over in any order, or your coach may direct you to.

You'll be turning your Unfulfilled Goals, Financial Unawareness and Undirected Spending Patterns into Financial Control with the Right Plan, Focus and Positive Habits.

As you work through the program please don't hesitate to ask any questions and to book in for your  Monthly Coaching Calls  to keep your momentum.

You CAN do this, and by doing so you're setting yourself and those around you up financially  for the rest of your life!