How to start a Side Hustle

Today, I’d like to talk about starting a Side Hustle to earn extra income.

In the previous post, we’ve spoken about it in the context of paying down your debt. But really it’s not just restricted to debt. You could be using a side hustle to bring in extra income for yourself.

What I’ve done is that I started earning extra income working as a tutor. I was also giving guitar lessons at some point. I found that I was getting so much more out of that than extra income. I was building my skills, not just in those specific areas, but in general, the skills of a business person.

When you’re doing something as a side hustle, you’ll find that you’re contributing to the people you work with. You’re adding value to someone’s life. In my case of tutoring and teaching, I was helping others develop their skills. It’s been incredibly rewarding to be able to do that.

What’s a skill, a unique experience, that you’ve had that you can turn into an extra income? There are heaps of sites out there like Upwork and Fiverr that you can use to get started and find your first paying clients. There are specific tutoring sites too.

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What’s something you plan to turn into a side hustle? It’s often easier to get started than you think.

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