How to start a Side Hustle

Today, I’d like to talk about starting a side hustle to earn extra income.

In the previous post, we’ve spoken about it in the context of paying down your debt. But really it’s not just restricted to debt. You could be using a side hustle to bring in extra income for yourself.

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Accelerate your debt removal

Today, I’d like to talk about how you can remove your debt faster.

There are two main ways to do this. First, do another audit of your expenses. Check your needs and wants (we’ve covered that in a previous post). Accelerating your debit removal might mean getting a bit more ruthless with some of those wants. You might have to cut them back for this period in time while you’re working to reduce your debt.

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What to do if you’re struggling with debt

Today, I’d like to share some more information around debt and solutions available to you, if you’re finding that things are complicated from the debt side.

There are always options around to help you get out debt. I’ve put together a guide which has more details on that, and I’ll include the link here, so you can check it out.

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How others view your debt

So far, we’ve spoken about the different types of debt and how you can start paying them down. Now, I want to talk about how others see your debt.

This comes down to your credit score. Your credit score can be affected by whether you’ve paid your bills on time, or if you have existing debt that you haven’t paid off. It’s important to know your credit score because this is how lenders will see you when you’re applying for a loan for property or anything like that.

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3 types of debt

Ep. 14 – The Types of Debt Ep. 14 – The Types of Debt Posted by Facebook on January 29, 2019 Today, I want to first talk about the different types of debt we can get ourselves into, and second work out a strategy to get rid of it. Being out of debt means you […]

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How are your accounts structured?

I’ve shared previously how when I was 18, I got a credit card, and I started spending, most of that mindlessly on discretionary expenses. I realized that’s a really ineffective way to manage your finances. The more complex your bank account structure is, the harder it is to control things.

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Money for Nothing

Today, I’d like to take the next step in our series, which is looking at debt.

Debt is something that can restrict and hinder you. It can completely stop you from reaching your financial goals if you don’t take it seriously enough. There is a difference between good and bad debt though, and you can also make debt work for you.

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Needs vs. Wants

Today, we’re continuing to look at where you are with your current spending habits. We’ve been through identifying what your spending is (there’s a handy transaction list). In the last post, we looked at our needs and discussed how we can reduce the costs of some of those items as much as possible.

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What’s your financial priority

Today, I want to start talking about your spending habits, and your priorities around spending. Particularly, let’s looks at your needs and your wants.

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Where are you spending?

In an earlier post, I spoke about using Google Maps as an analogy. If you’re not sure where you’re going, the first place you actually need to look at is where you are right now. With your spending, you need to know where your money is going. First, look at your current expenses. That means going through your bank account statements to see what your spending on.

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